USA GLOBAL CRICKET ACADEMY High Performance Elite Camp in Dehra Dun, India

USA Global Cricket Academy Boys interacting with Abhimanyu Easwaran and Prashant Chopra.
Abhimanyu is an opening batter for Bengal Ranji Team and attended U19 n U23 India camps. He was voted Best Cricketer for Bengal last year. He is only 19 year old.
Prashant was part of India U19 Team which won the 2012 world cup and U23 Asia cup in 2014.
Prashant is currently 21 old.

Questions these guys addresses to USAGCA players.

1. Preparation before a game.

2. How to assess the wicket during a game.
3. What information to gather n plan ur innings.
4. How to convert starts.
5. How to manage breaks between seasons.
6. How to adapt to situations in a game.
What adaptations they do during power plays or between different formats


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